Demineralized water equipment selection

Before a lot of consumer is buying demineralized water equipment is very confused, don't know how to type, gold creek full today and we discuss this problem, hope you can help to you:

Demineralized water equipment selection is based primarily on water, raw water hardness and applied occasion

1) the water yield of the same equipment, a variety of models according to the actual water.

2) raw water hardness: shenyang boiler softened water equipment, automatic softening water equipment, shenyang shenyang softened water treatment equipment

Raw water hardness 3 m or less, the mol/L, can choose time control model, according to the maximum water rate meter;

Raw water hardness of 6 m or less, the mol/L, can according to the largest water production capacity selection devices in the table;

Raw water hardness 8 m or less, the mol/L, can press equipment production capacity of the average of the selection;

Raw water hardness 8 ~ 10 m. mol/L, should be calculated by minimum water production equipment capacity, or use multilevel system;

Raw water hardness 10 or more m. mol/L, must choose multilevel processing, generally two levels of processing can be achieved.

3) water occasions: if with hot water boiler, or other similar equipment according to equipment's most productive water capacity selection; If the steam boiler water supply, general according to 1.2 times that of the boiler capacity and equipment matching capacity of producing water.

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