Drink water is the most healthy? Water unreliable rumors!

Water is the source of life, you are high and low water. Wading products on the market can be argument is multifarious, mineral water, mineral water, pure water, natural water is only big goods, such as bamboo charcoal water and confined water, ice water, weak alkaline water, small molecular group water wait for all sorts of strange consumption concept. I the concept of common people in the face of this o much how to choose?

(1) water. Real mineral water is good, has certain health care function. But some mineral water contains minerals out of proportion, not necessarily good. Especially some mineral water is actually artificial pure water adding several kinds of mine

Material trace elements, it is difficult to ensure the normal order of the natural scale, may also lack some necessary trace elements, should choose authentic brand drinking water.

(2) the pure water (distilled water, removed), all harmful harmless substance, elements are removed. If all drinking or cooking with pure water, the water of various trace elements are u had, in the long term, there may be a potential Σ pollution. For drinking tea, keep the tea taste good, but unfavorable use. Especially the elderly and children should not be drinking for a long time.

(3) filter tap water. From water treated tap water, bacteria have 35 items such as monitoring, but after a water pipe network and water tank to the tap water, it is better to use simple and economical use activated carbon filter and then filtered.

Should also pay attention to water. In the morning off night standing water from water pipes. Drinking water can put a few hours before first use (but not more than a day). The ageing of the store more than 3 days old water, its molecular structure is less than the impact and deformation, should not be drinking. General boiling water 3 minutes, don't boil too long, the water does not open or boiled too long is bad, boil over and over again and saved in the thermos for a few days are not suitable for drinking water.

Experts suggest, therefore, from the point of view of health, general drink below 30 ℃ warm water is best.

How should consumer science choose water?

Water's ultimate purpose is to meet the needs of the body of water. Waste water in plain English is mainly the metabolism of nutrients and porter, it is just a carrier, no matter what's you drink water is likely to use it as a source of nutrients, it is impossible to make any o magical efficacy. So as long as it is in line with national standards can be safe drinking water, there is no question, "what kind of water is more health" consumers don't have to struggle for what's drinking water. A balanced diet to ensure adequate drinking water, moderate exercise and good life rule, is essential for health.

Remember, every day of water way are lying, all can cure "god of water" suspected of false advertising, they will not bring you health, will only make you pay more money. Encountered such a situation, please call 12320 quickly to health supervision departments, can also dial 12331 to the drug administration to report (also can online reporting its website).

How o drink water?

Normal adults need about two litres of water a day of 800 ml can be obtained from food, so also drink 1200 ml. If it's summer, or exercise, sweat more, you should drink some more. Northern air dry, can also be appropriate to drink lots of water.

Drinking water should be a few times, should consciously take the initiative to drink water, not to drink when thirsty, especially the old man didn't feel sensitive, more need to replenish water in time. In the morning to drink a glass of water, don't drink too much water to avoid frequent night before sleeping in the evening. Don't drink lots of water immediately after strenuous exercise, drink slowly is better. For stone constitution and suffering from kidney stones, should drink more water to reduce urinary salting-out out appropriately.

Drink bottled water "three notice"

Be careful not to bottled water in the sunlight. Sunlight bottled water is more likely to produce algae, bacteria and lead to the total number of colonies. Note with sulphurous ð filling water, consumers must to normal water point buy bottled water. Note bottled water after open to finished within a week.

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