Ozone disinfection of drinking water

At present, the worldwide has thousands of water using ozone disinfection method, the method is a mature method. Compared with chlorination, ozone has stronger function of disinfection, ozone destroy energy compared with chlorine gas is 10-100 times.

Ozone of microorganisms inactivated mechanism has many unknown point, some people think that ozone can all oxidase system, and can work on intracellular substances such as purines and pyrimidines in nucleic acids. Ozone is inactivated attacks on bacteria cell membranes, or through glycoproteins, or glycolipids and certain amino acids and inactivated bacteria; Ozone can also effect on certain enzymes in the harvard, destroying the activity of the enzyme, cause the ozone oxidation degradation bacteria lost its sugar and the ability of producing gas. Some think of bacteria inactivated was due to the destruction of the main components of the cell wall, cell membrane or cell caused by the outflow sterilization effect.

The inactivated mechanism of virus, some claim is the first part of the ozone effect on virus is the shell of the virus, especially form its protein and hinders the virus on the adsorption of the host. Another way of saying that the ozone damage the nucleic acid.

We've learned in the experiment, the water of ozone-depleting substances such as iron, manganese and other organic matter such as ozone interferes with the inactivated bacteria. When organic matter and bacteria exist at the same time, a high concentration of organic matter has a tendency to rushed to react with ozone than bacteria, another part of the bacteria enter the organic compound micelle interior, protected, and escaped the attack of ozone. As a result, caused by e. coli inactivated rate is low.

Ozone disinfection but there is also a weakness, ozone is highly stable, easy to decompose, not in the water distribution network to prevent secondary pollution, and disinfection with high cost.

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