Village straight drinking water can drink?

Village straight drinking water, is your home also in drinking? Pay a dollar money, can buy a bucket of five litres of water purification, and it is 24 hours service, in recent years, such as automatic water machine in the more and more village, many people think, keep the water in the water cooler is better than tap water, drink taste good, no thermonatrite, tea cooking tastes more sweet.

"Consumer advocate" reporters found, however, there are also some people think that tap water is very safe, this kind of straight water dispensers in the process of making water caused great waste, 3 tons of water to produce one ton of straight drinking water, should be banned as soon as possible.

From January 1, 2015, Beijing self-help water formally incorporated into the special industries in the use of water, the price rose from 5.6 yuan/ton to 160 yuan/ton. However, "the consumer advocate" reporter survey found that although some areas appeared due to water price rising of vending machine demolition phenomenon, but most of the machines are still popular in each big city district.

The neighborhood straight drinking water automatic water machine, mostly adopt the individual contracting mode, maintenance by the contractor. The status of the machine and the water quality in addition to look at the contractor's responsibility, more core is machine adopts water treatment technology.

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